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VOTE shirt

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♡Four more years of Donald Trump is a reality that many people disabled won’t survive. It’s time to vote him out. Healthcare, climate change, housing, immigration, racial, economic, and reproductive justice—these are all disability issues that this election hinges on. And we believe there is great power in votes for and by disabled people.

We do want to recognize though that telling people to “just vote” is ignorant, especially when 60-70% of polling places are inaccessible. So instead, we are asking that if you can vote, if you are able to, please do so for those who can’t. And with that in mind, we will be donating a portion of this limited edition tee to Fair Fight, which works to combat voter suppression in all its cruel forms.

Learn more about Fair Fight's work here:


Screen printed VOTE design on front / logo on the inside collar

Both models wearing a size Small

Unisex sizing (see chart)

Allow 2 weeks for delivery w/ free shipping!

Image Descriptions: (1) Blue folded t-shirt with the word VOTE printed in white. The letter 'O' is replaced with the accessibility logo made of hearts. (2) A closeup of of two women wearing the brain shirt and rib cage shirt (3) Unisex sizing chart

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